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Morning Vedic mantras
Begin your day listening or meditating on these soothing Vedic mantras, doing Pranayama especially Bhastrika or Anulom Vilom with these mantras playing in the background will help you to feel cleansed, energized, fresh & relaxed.

Names of all the morning mantras, some of them are not in this video:
01.Kar Darshanam
02.Bhoomi Prarthana
03.Pratah Smaranam
04.Snaan Mantra
05.Tilak Mantra
06.Pranayam Mantra
07.Surya Namaskar
08.Suryarghya Mantra
09.Surya Prarthana
10.Guru Samaranam
11.Gayatri Mantra
12.Karyasiddhi Hetu Prarthana
13.Parabrahmanah Smaranam
14.Ganeshasya Smaranam
15.Chandi Smaranam
16.Vishnoh Smaranam
17.Ramasya Smaranam
18.Shivasya Smaranam
19.Navagraha Prarthana
20.Prakriti Prarthana
21.Mangal Kaamna
22.Hari Om